Christian Coaching for Leadership and Relationships

Do you love life?

Are you where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing?

Do you wake up at night thinking about a dream or a problem?

Life Coaching is a wonderful way to uncover our values and beliefs, our habits and our thoughts.  What is working?  What is hindering us?

Getting to know ourselves helps us to make healthy decisions and move toward fulfilling life.

This is not something we often give ourselves time to do.  We just keep going with what is familiar.

I would love partnering with you to take a good look at who you are, what you are good at, what you love and what is stopping you from moving towards those things.  Each coaching relationship is tailored to you and where you are at in life.

What is it you are wanting to work on?

  • wanting a new job?
  • starting a business?
  • leading a staff or a team or a family?
  • retiring?
  • relationally strained?
  • unhelpful habits?


Your gentle and humble way of listening leads me to speak freely.

You speak truth in love and shine light on the new path before me.

God uses your humor and your memory to remind me of the good.


— Coaching Client

At 65, and with at least 5 years of my career ahead of me (I hoped), my small, cozy, stable firm was acquired. It felt like a hijack. It knocked me off my feet....until I started working with Amy.

Amy framed the decisions I faced in 2019 in clear terms and supported me through every step. Once I made the decision to stay, she was my checkpoint as continuing, constant changes challenged me. 

I'm 68 now and still thriving in the new company. Amy made the difference. 


— Coaching Client

The coaching from Amy was practical, timely and time-tested.  What I received in our times I could readily apply that week.  They were pivotal to me personally and seeing change in the organizations I was a part of.  Amy's approach brought emotional health to me and organizational health to the teams I've worked with.


— Coaching Client