Meet Amy Luetke

Meaningful conversations lead us to change.

I have been a professional life coach for the last 15 years.  I have coached with entrepreneurs, executives, pastors, missionaries, directors, mom’s and dad’s, couples, premarital couples, and teens.

Coaching is goal oriented, present, and future focused.

It helps people get to where they want to be with ongoing support and insight.  We can all get in our own way in the journey to pursuing our goals and purpose.  We can let discouragement or fear set in and give up.  We can do this in our relationships, with our personal goals and in our careers.  We can shortchange ourselves and the people we love when we do that.

We have been created to learn and grow!  We are the most alive when we are growing and challenged with the right amount of challenge.  Often, we are stronger and more capable than we think we are.  We need to see it to believe it in ourselves.  I have seen this over and over and as a coach I will help you discover aspects of yourself, how to set manageable goals, how to manage setbacks and challenges and how to celebrate successes.

Where are you itching to grow?  Where is there pressure to do something new?  What relationship in your life deserves attention?

Coaching is not therapy.  There are no diagnoses.  Coaching is for people who have motivation for change but know they need some support and help to get there.  It is a partnership with the coach who asks good compelling questions, is able to listen professionally and with exceptional skills.  Coaching instills hope and confidence so that clients can move from where they are at, to where they want to be.

What are you being called to?  Where do you want to put some intentional focus and attention in life right now?

A relationship?  Work improvement?  Health and Wellness?  Spiritual growth?  Self-confidence?  A new life adventure?  Better life balance?

Let’s take a good look at where you are right now and then let’s talk about where you want to be.  If you don’t know exactly, you just know you want life to be different, we can do some exploring together!  I love people and I love to partner up and help them explore and grow.  Let me know how I can coach with you!


Your gentle and humble way of listening leads me to speak freely.

You speak truth in love and shine light on the new path before me.

God uses your humor and your memory to remind me of the good.


— Coaching Client

At 65, and with at least 5 years of my career ahead of me (I hoped), my small, cozy, stable firm was acquired. It felt like a hijack. It knocked me off my feet....until I started working with Amy.

Amy framed the decisions I faced in 2019 in clear terms and supported me through every step. Once I made the decision to stay, she was my checkpoint as continuing, constant changes challenged me. 

I'm 68 now and still thriving in the new company. Amy made the difference. 


— Coaching Client

The coaching from Amy was practical, timely and time-tested.  What I received in our times I could readily apply that week.  They were pivotal to me personally and seeing change in the organizations I was a part of.  Amy's approach brought emotional health to me and organizational health to the teams I've worked with.


— Coaching Client