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Christian Coaching for Leadership & Relationships



All leaders need support and a fresh perspective a different times in their journey.  Whether you are leading a church or your family, an organization or team, leadership can be lonely and overwhelming at times.  

Sometimes we need someone else to tell us that we are doing a good job.  The leader does not always get that encouragement. 

Sometimes we need straight truth, delivered with respect and kindness, so that we don’t get ourselves stuck.

Coaching is for leaders is like the refreshing oasis you are looking for.  Amy will partner with you as you talk through the struggles.  She will help you see your strengths, and capitalize on them.  She will help you gain insight and courage as you grow in your person and position.  We must first lead ourselves well to lead others with integrity.  Amy will help you to feel refreshed, encouraged and more confident in your leadership.  



Nothing in life has the capacity for more joy or pain as our close relationships!

What have been your relational examples in life?

After 29 years in the mental health field, Amy is well versed in human behavior and relationships.  She can help you know what healthy looks and feels like.  She can help you grow in assertiveness, boundaries, conversations, parenting and attachment in healthy ways.  

Love is how we behave more than how we feel, but our feelings are powerful!  Amy will help you understand how those emotions can inform you instead of overwhelm you, so that you can be intentional in your most important relationships. 

Meet Amy

Amy is a life coach and psychotherapist and has been working with folks in this capacity for the past 29 years.  She is compassionate, encouraging, and skilled at helping people grow.  She has led in many settings, to include starting and directing her own group therapy practice.  She has taught at the college level and does a variety of speaking engagements.  Amy has a heart for leaders and is passionate about her Christian faith.  She loves to equip leaders to become strong, confident and enjoy the work God has set before them.  She regularly works with pastors, executives, ministry leaders.  

She believes that relationships are “the good stuff of life!”  They have the capacity to bring us great joy.  Sometimes we need help navigating relationships.  She believes in the capacity for growth in all of us when we have a willingness and teachable spirit.  This is what make life-coaching so powerful and exciting!  It’s an untapping of things you did not yet know you were capable of.  She provides pre-marital coaching and relationship coaching for people who want to improve their relationship skills.  

Amy is “for” those she works with.  She is curious, honest and gentle.   


Your gentle and humble way of listening leads me to speak freely.

You speak truth in love and shine light on the new path before me.

God uses your humor and your memory to remind me of the good.


— Coaching Client

At 65, and with at least 5 years of my career ahead of me (I hoped), my small, cozy, stable firm was acquired. It felt like a hijack. It knocked me off my feet....until I started working with Amy.

Amy framed the decisions I faced in 2019 in clear terms and supported me through every step. Once I made the decision to stay, she was my checkpoint as continuing, constant changes challenged me. 

I'm 68 now and still thriving in the new company. Amy made the difference. 


— Coaching Client

The coaching from Amy was practical, timely and time-tested.  What I received in our times I could readily apply that week.  They were pivotal to me personally and seeing change in the organizations I was a part of.  Amy's approach brought emotional health to me and organizational health to the teams I've worked with.


— Coaching Client