Session Preparation


as we prepare to begin life coaching together, I encourage you to be clear about your goals. That is step one. In session one please be prepared to share a brief overview of where you are at in life right now. Please include any major life events that have impacted you and are a part of your journey. Where we are is a culmination of where we have been.

Then, have outlined two or three goals that you have in mind for our coaching time together. It is important for you to have a quiet place and privacy for our session. I encourage all clients to have pen and paper for notes and homework assignments. In most sessions you might be asked to talk about one of these areas:

  1. Success or new insight since our last session
  2. Challenges or opportunities encountered since our last session (what got in your way?)
  3. What you want our session time focused on

There are several different tools we can use to help you gain insight and learn about yourself and your current attitudes and mindsets. These are often enjoyable to clients and provide insight. Coaching involves homework and some courage. Plan on doing some sort of reading, writing or action plan between sessions. These all enhance our ability to learn and grow and change. These are designed to stretch you a bit. What you put into this season of coaching will largely determine what you get out of it. Thank you
for choosing to coach with me!